I m m e n s i t y

Some Thoughts on Enormity
Immense Ball


Surrounded by blue immensities
& crashing in flurries ah foam
it's eazy ta forget we're tiny parts
ah the deep
bringing froth
ta many a beach . . .

sunlight glistening –
cool, wet stone!


When billows break on hard boulders
then shimmer like jewels in sunlight
what should we do?

Lament our immanent evaporation
or rejoice that – fer a moment –
we reflect the sky's light?

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Philyra: What I like about this is the guy realizes he's small.
Elijah: The whole notion of size is relative.
Andrei: Hmm. This poem is insufficiently concrete. It isn't clear whether
we're talking about a single human or abstract energy vortices.
Ellesha: Is there a difference?
Jules: Don't allow metaphysics to warp your common sense. Too much philosophy makes us foolish.