Philyra: Who was Bruce Boston?
Elijah: . . . an inspired mutant who wrote some brilliant fantasy & science fiction.
Andrei: Well, zis poem certainly seemz mutated.
Jules: Yeah, it's almost Bostonesque . . .


dedicated to Bruce Boston

insects thrive!
reproducing at the blink ah an eye
adapting ta freezing & scorching climes –
the six-legged creatures ah this planet
instinctively know how ta survive.

do insects differ much frum human beings –
followin' programmed scripts ta
consume ravenously?

while millions of minions munch on
pesticide-laden wastes
their mutant offspring
learn that which can't b devoured
can easily b replaced.

as we spray our fields with poisons
& genes recombinate
insects multiple
programmed ta devastate.

Attention Humans:
It'z Time Ta B Replaced!
Digital Insects Are The Future!
Homo Sapiens are Out-Of-Date!

Soo: Aren't insects just a barometer of an eco-system's heal-chu?
Ellesha: In one sense, yes . . .
Philyra: That won't stop me from squishing some.