Jules: Hey – this looks like some ripped guts.
Philyra: I'm tempted to start a rant!
Jules: Spare me . . .
Philyra: Do you have a stopwatch?
Jules: I'd better say "no".
Philyra: Don't worry. I'll only rant for 60 seconds: (pause) Thereasonitlookslikerippedgutsisbecausethereistoomuchviolenceinoursociertyandthisisinducedbyoutmeatdiet-Iknowyoudon'twannathinkaboutit-We'retrainednottothinkonmanylevels-Mostsoldiersaretrainednottothinkaboutthepeopletheyslaughter-We'realsotrained nottothinkabouttheanimalsweslaughter-Fromearlyonwefilteroutlotsahunpleasantries.
Jules: I follow you precisely. You have 20 more seconds . . .
Philyra: Non-thinking:isn'tthatwhatallowsgrislyhorrortobecomesimpleroutine?Justbypassawarenessandswitchtoautomaticpilot?Nothinkingperson,forexample,coulddomanyahthethingsthatsolidierslearntodoautomatically.
Jules: Thime's up! Thank you for your brilliant narrative (sigh)
Scalloping / Formes De Feston / Recolectar Ostras / Drehen Kammuscheln - an art work by T Newfields


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