Sharks - an art work by Tim Newfields
Philyra: Non-seeing – will we ever see how much suffering that causes?
Andrei: Sharks don't need to see: just sense where prey is, zen chomp.
Jules: Some folks are not so different . . .
Soo: You guys got it wronggu: predators in particular need to see keenly kuz if dey consume too much, dey won't haf a future.
Jules: I guess humans are dumb predators . . .
Endless hunger
Turbo-charged feeding machines
Underworld lions
Living mostly to feed

Sleek, grey-finned angels
With row after row of teeth
Noses detecting a drop of blood
In vast pools of water
Brain based on instinct

Embodiment of terror
Hunger of the deep
Woe to those you
relentless lunger
programmed to eat
with smooth, powerful loins
mastering opportunity

superb at butchering
relying on senses
to identify targets
with a precision
wonderfully fleet

moving with minimal error
wandering ceaselessly
weeping not while you
to others
will you also
taste sweet?
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Copyright (c) 1996, 2008 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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