Philyra: Many discussions of simplicity are actually rather complex.
Ellesha: That's not surprising. The idea of 'simplicity' comes about only if complexity exists.
Andrei: If you want to simplify, be a jellyfish. To be human is to be complex.
Philyra: Nah – if you want simplicity, join ah religion. View everything in terms ah yer little Bible, Torah, Gita, or Koran.
Andrei: (shaking his head) That won't work. Only infants & morons achieve perfect simplicity.


How many gadgets does each person need?
Are most of our appliances useful – or tokens of vanity?
What will become of our gadgets once they're obsolete?

Unless we deal with our refuse d

         fe rent               ly
we'll be b    uried in
          hur   ried in
                  xic             waste


How many burials does each civilization need?
Haven't we created enough mu
taints to appease our vanity?
What new toxic nightmares are we pre
paired to breed?

Shouldn't we do with less gadgets
& value simplicity?

Civilization iz kunstipated
& should be flushed down dah drain.

Swoosh is a sound of enlightenment
& invocation to a new age!