Elijah: This seems like a good example of Saïd refers to as 'othering' – setting oneself apart from the rest of the world.
Jules: C'mon! It's just a poem about squids. Why the friggin' exegesis?

Squid - an art work by T Newfields


uvular ink bottle
floating in the deep
mobile jet propulsion lab
buoyant delicacy

undulating ribbon of terror
blue-blooded diaphanous dart
fish robber
never surfacing sleek bobber

& expanding
dance silently
in the dark

a predator
draws near

snap! snap!

without the luxury
of worry
once again -
Death's Lap
Soo: Some of my best friends are squids.
Andrei: Aren't not most politicians in zhat genus?
Philyra: Yep. Utterly spineless – but adept at squirting ink.
Ellesha: Sober up & stop othering government leaders. For the most part,
we create our own monsters . . . there are plenty of squids inside us.

Ning: Each time we 'other' something,
we also lose something of ourselves.
Vidhya: Why don't more people notice that?