Babbit's Babble:

Thoughts on education and acquiescence

Babbit's Babble:s - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

Zie Authorities Already Understand
All of zie Important Fucts.

Yargh role iz shut up 'n listen:
we'll tell yah how tah think 'n act.

In zis klass
you needn't use yer brains
err stretch yargh imagination far.

Just memorize what'z required ah you
'n dun't set things a jar.

We guarantee yah a bright future
If yah follow the system respectfully:

Don't make us impose unpleasant consequences:
Obey Our Leaders Dutifully.
Melissa: Most educational systems involve various degrees of coercion.
Satoru: Yeah. If we have to coerce others to learn, perhaps something is wrong with our teaching.
Melissa: Learning should be naturally fun and engaging.
Tim: Ideally, but many aren't in learning modes. It seems some people need to be prodded to learn. Isn't it naive to assert that education can be always pleasant or engaging?
Satoru: I'm not sure. There's a good reason to resist what's often called 'learning'. A lot of 'education' is merely teaching cows how to become hamburgers. Why should anyone tolerate that?
Liao: Learning something doesn't necessarily mean believing it. We should learn things while critically questioning them, and change what's possible skillfully. To really change a system, we must first understand it.