An image of a guillotine, which is a good way of portraying a typical computer software license.

Simplified Computer Software License

We, the developer,
have the right to screw you.

Technically speaking,
we have the right to change any software feature,
collect any information from your computer,
do anything to facilitate our sales,
without liability.

You, the consumer,
have no rights:
you are a digital serf
whose only value is to buy our products
or press a Facebook «like»

Technically speaking,
you have the right to push the "agree" button
to our Terms of Service
or press the "cancel" button
at which point
the software will cease to work

Nadya: If this weren't so close the truth, I'd laugh.
Gus: Yeah. Multinational software companies such as Apple and Microsoft are creating a sort of "digital serfdom". Ordinary people are like landless peasants at the whim of their digital overlords.
Liao: (nodding) It's ironic. At one time people thought computers would bring about greater democracy. In fact, often they are tools to promote a sort of cyber-slavery.