a new solution

A brief treatment of ozone at 4 ppm
in a cold phosphate-buffered solution
works wonders on the brain.

That's why I'm telling you about SUPER-TRUMP –
a fast-acting cleansing formula designed to
wipe out undesirable radicals
& make problems go away.

By incubating 250 ml. of sediment and
transporting this to a human brain
a special slush fund can be created –
hurray for election campaigns!

SUPER-TRUMP takes care of all rhetorical infections
& is available on supermarket shelves today.
Get real and try some –
it's the best way to handle undesirables
through strong, scientific ways.

Why settle for half-ass, inferior approaches
when research has found an effective means
to destroy unwanted germs,
solve all immigration problems,
and keep your kitchen floors clean?

Gus: What's the purpose of this?
Liao: I honestly can't figure it out.
Nadya: Why is so much creative talent wasted on such meaningless satire?