Desert Meteor - an art work by T Newfields
the sands
across the dunes of time
speak of histories
that do not first meet the eye

these sands
contain radioactive wastes
from old uranium mines

they also contain
microplastics, shattered beer bottles,
dinosaurs bones &
tiny bits of lime

they hold
remnants from even further back in time:

something not of this earth
that came from primeval skies

this moment now
ancient voices whisper
with sounds
fading in and out of time

Yahui:  (wistfully) Would you rather be a meteor or a star?
Carla:  What kind of question is that?
Yahui:  One to stretch your imagination . . .
Carla:  Hmm. Do my preferences even matter? There are only a limited number of things we can decide. Choosing how to burn is not one of them.
Reed:  (pausing thoughtfully) Hmm. Aren't we supposed to be talking about deserts?