The ABCs of Sex - an art work by T Newfields

The ABCs of Sex

Acutely Amorous Awareness
Brimming Beads ah Sweat
Conniving Carnal Cupidity
Daring Ditzy Derriere
Endless Enamored Ecstasy
Frolicsome F2F Fevers
Gaga Gantry Point
Hollering High-Voltage Hugging
Instinctive Insidious Id
Joygastic Jizz Jumping
Kama Sutra Katrinas
Lubricious Languished Lunatics
Mélange Mons Veneris
Nugatory Nipple-Nexus
Orectic Orph(e)us Oracles
Passionate Playful Panoplies
Quaking Queerness
Robust Ribaldry
Stealthy Sensual Stimulation
Tipsy Tactile Tarzan-chords
Uninhibited Unzipping
Voluptuous Vapidity

With Such Incongruities –
Should id B a surprize
folks feel confused
about sexxxz?