Testicular Transmission

Just a minute –
i'm receiving an energy transmission
from the base of the spine.

The message is in a cryptic bio-chemical code
hard to define.

Encoding complete:
70% data fragmentation.

Language is Anglish 'n
dis much is discerned:

Huh! Oh yeah!
We gotta jive for world peace!

Huh! Oh yeah!
wank yer adversaries!

Unless we start a luvin'
bombs argh gonna fall

So we'd better start a huggin'
cuz without luv
dares no justice at all.

Ugh! I got sum yearning –
passion iz whad we need.

Ugh! I'm honking!
Eros brings world peace!

Testicular Transmission - an art work by T Newfields begun in Nov. 2001 and finished in Jan 2008


Dis dude iz loony!


Who cares? The poem has a nice rhythm 'n art work is fun.


Yeah, but problems such as militarism can't be solved with jizz.


Who knows? Jizz 'n luv-juice can work small miracles. Learn the art of patience! Deep alchemy takes time.