Aphorisms of a Horny Yogi

If most people focussed on enlightenment
as much as sex
many would become fully awakened.

Being able to undress others mentally
is a worthless power.
Seeing the nakedness inherent in all desire –
is an illuminating, radiant shower.

If your genitals are small – don't worry.
If your pride is big –that's cause for alarm.

Cumming is not the goal –
There is nowhere to come or go.
Just be and breathe.
Let the rest "come" naturally.

Ultimate sampada is achieved
by learning that ecstasy
is achieved not by doing – but being.

When your lover presses your linga firmly between his or her lips,
concentrate on the Great Mystic Mantra,
then return to the Original Stillness.

Sensing that orgasm is imminent,
the best thing is remember the Name of the Lord.
Short of that – withdraw to a state of non-entry.

There is a state beyond orgasm
we can experience characterized by wave after wave of bliss.

To discover that control your prana vigilantly
and be mindful of your instrument.

Shakti and Shiva Are in Constant Union
so shouldn't we be at One?
Cantara: (laughing) What kind of ridiculous bunk is this?
Chris: I have to confess it seems like utter nonsense!
Miok: That's precisely why I like it! We need more nonsense! We get into trouble by trying to make sense out of what is ultimately nonsense.
Tim: (shaking his head) Anyway, let's move on . . . .