Many people are up against the walls of convention at some point in their lives.


Walls can protect as well as isolate.


Yeah. There's no problem with boundaries as long as you realize they aren't actually 'real' . . .


(Sighing) Ugh! My tolerance for bullshit is real. Let's move on . . .

Beyond the Wall / Au delˆ du Mur / M‡s all‡ de la Pared / †ber der Wand Hinaus / Kabe wo Norikoeru To - an art work by T Newfields

Beyond the Wall    Au delà du Mur    Más allá de la Pared    Über der Wand Hinaus    Kabe wo Norikoeru To

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Copyright (c) 2002 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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