I detest poems like this – they make me depressed.


Well, curiousity is the best cure for depression.
If we look at all phenomena with openness and
as little prejudice as possible, balanced awareness will come.


Hmm. Whatever balance does arrive seems fleeting . . .
the basic fact is we're isolated in so many ways.


Just remember the big picture – that's all I can say at this point.


to be lone ly
is to
listen to y our he
art b eat in silence, to light one can
dle in the d ark, to watch tele
vision for com panionship and to d
ream of romance at seven o'clock

to be l onely
is to list en to soap op eras
for abusement, feel an empty pill
ow each night, to count raindrops from wind
ow sills and feel the salt of tears s
ting your eyes

to be lonely
is to die
quietly inside
and forget how
so many ot
hers are like you –

addicted to the myth
of your own uniqueness
it's easy to become isolated
and feel nothing matters outside

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Copyright (c) 1984, 2007 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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