Zenith - an art work by T Newfields

Tonaite arghh luv izz ahh zzearin
ta new peekz ah ecstazzz

Dis is a night 2 ignite
n let luv explode like kosmic TNT

Danna speak ahh tomorrowzzz
orgh whad might hippen sum day . . .

Ramember only dis moment
n fokuz on dah heart -

kuz one moooment experienced
fluffily izzz arrgh eternity . . .

n whin yer hart iz fokussed
whure iz dah dark?

Miok: When people's hormones are primed, it is amazing how utter nonsense can seem significant.
Cantara: Yep. Desire is a language with its own logic.
Tim: I used to be fluent in that language. Recently when I look at people, however, all I see are rotting corpses heading to a funeral pyre.
Chris: (Shaking his head) Yer either getting too old or reading too much philosophy.