Cummin' Out

Destigmatizing Natural Human Queerness

Cummin' out 'bout sex iz grate
butt why nut normalize everyding?

Why not admit yer weirdness
& celebrate idiosyncrasies?

Say it & celebrate it:
acknowledge yer kraziness each day!

Be polyamorous
& find dings in each parson
dat argh precious & nut passé,

Yeah, I'm fickle, feisty, & fallow:
if 99 people go in 1 direction –
I'm interested in dah udder weigh.

That's fine –
kus if yawh meditate & masturbate enuf
eventually yaw'll all stop warrying 'bout
labeling "noetic" err "nugatory" stuff

Kut yer bounds ta earth
& contemplate dah immensity ah space.

Be less patriotic, god-fearing, err ideology-bound
butt luv dis planet & hope dat
we'll evolve inta sumdin' moor
inclusive & sound.

Ok –
I'm kuntradictory, capricious, chameleonic
& klearly kunt-obsessed.
So what?

Normality is butt a facade
peeple uften play
however dat game getz boring:
so whaih nut bend a few lines
& let kunventions fade?

If udders haf a problem with dat
dun't warrie!
Be too intoxicated wid laife
ta fret over whud udders say:

Cook yer own geese –
yet respect all culinary treats:
especially dah wuns ya'd rather not eat.

Beg.: 2015 Tokyo     –     Fin.: 2021 Yokohama
Online Art Creative Commons License: Attribution. {{CC-BY-4.0}}