What Is 'Strange'?
What Is 'Strange'? - an art work by T Newfields

Time travel
is nothing extraordinary.

Reading minds from a distance
is actually no surprise.

Sensing things before they happen
is a skill anyone can master.

Healing through energy
is actually 'normal' if we opened our eyes.

what's truly weird
is seeking a 'golden future'
when the present is adequate,
or fretting over past mistakes
long after they have ceased.

What's laughably odd is
repeating old habits
while realizing they are fruitless
or sacrificing yourself for something
that is a source of misery.

What's comically queer
is believing one set of dogmas
can explain all phenomena,
or pretending to be 'normal'
in a universe that's filled with mysteries
that are wonderfully & inexplicably strange.