Waiting for You
between the worlds of waking & dreaming 
they wait for you
beyond the cracks of imagination 
below the surface of consciousness 
and above the ceilings of perception 
they wait to devour 
all illusions 
and welcome you 
to a cosmic zoo 
in which humans 
are but minor phenomena 
engineered to amuse 

The Real Masters 
move through dimensions 
poets and mad folks occasionally view 
knowing this tiny fragment 
can ordinary sanitized sanity 
be the awareness 
you choose?
Wan-Sze: Isn't death the only thing waiting for us?
Nadia: That's a morbid question.
Will: I dunno. Seems like we spend our whole lives waitin' – then death comes.
Kasim: What "comes" is up to each individual.
Will: That sounds too tidy & cliched to be true.
If I've learned anything at all this life, it is that nothing is perfectly tidy.
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Copyright 1990, 2010 by T Newfields. All rights reversed.
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