Photo of T Newfields at age 58 in Tokyo, Japan


Looking at the mirror isn't easy
after so many years.
Still, it's a good way to realize
our bodies were not made in Hollywood
and many scripts are pre-written –
there'zzzzz no need ta fear.

The heroes in our tiny dramas
were decided long before any cast.
Their archetypes will endure after
all cuurent characters pass.

Real heroes are undying –
though each body disappears.

Whad happens on stage
is simple entertainment
tah keep us in arrears.

Lis:   At least the author realizes things aren't as they appear.

 God help those who take their fictions seriously.

 People who are too rigid to acknowledge their own fictions are breathing mannequins.

 We are at our best when we admit our own inherent foolishness.
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Copyright (c) 1996, 2015 by T Newfields.   {{CC-BY-3.0}}
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