Linda: The fact that we enter this world without any knowledge of it is a blessing.
Lex: How so?
Linda: Too much knowledge promotes stagnation. I feel there's a freshness in the innocence of youth.
Lis: (chuckling) Really? Nothing about youth is innocent. Young people have the same desires as adults, just fewer resources to enact them.
Linda: I hear you, but we disagree. We enter this world for a reason and are part of an unfolding story. Each person should study the record of their birth year and reflect on how humanity needs to change.
Birth Legacies - an art work by T Newfields

Birth Legacies

When mum was born
the dimensions of our galaxy were unknown
& quantum mechanics was shrouded in mystery

Freud was attempting to model the psyche
while trench warfare redefined atrocity

As Bolsheviks toppled imperial Russia
America beefed up its military

When her mum was born
the interior of the atom was unknown
& radioactivity was a fresh discovery

In my grandmother's birth year
our planet's age had finally been dated
but air flight was only a dream

Brahms was writing a beautiful clarinet quintet
while Buffalo Bill's Wild West Tour was the rage

As Sioux indians were slaughtered by whites
countless mums whispered to their babes
"Hush now – everything is gon'na be all right"