Linda: (yawning) This poem is hoo-hum.
Ron: Yeah. I'd rather read a text on math.
Lis: Really? I'd prefer some celebrity gossip.
Lex: May all beings awaken. May all beings come to know the source of suffering. May all beings be free from suffering....
Lis: (suprised) Huh? Whad'dare ya doin'?
Lex: Offering a few prayers for the living dead.
Prayers for the Dead - an art work by T Newfields
Great Grate Recycling –
Wheel of Perpetual Change

Rhythms ah the heart –
Flux of joy & rage

What bekumez ah zie buddies
we've cum to know?

Does all joy dissipate
in ceaseless flows?

Explore these questions
at each crossroad

Listen to the wind

Go where
you wish

but if possible

each place is
a crossroad