Ron: The human love of non-sense is amazing. Take this poem, for example. It's basically absurd – that is its only charm.
Lis: Too much mediocrity is mind-numbing. Poetry is meant to un-numb our senses and provide extraordinary insights about ordinary things.
Lex: Maybe, but to the mind that's wakeful, isn't there is poetry in each moment? What's this need for writing?
Linda: No special need – merely a choice. There's a difference between 'need' and 'choice'.


Prophecy /  Prophétie / La profes’a / Prophezeiung / Yogen - an art work by T Newfields
250 gigabits per second should be
enough to make fast decisions – but
if nanotechnology advances too far
generation X cyborgs will supplant most
humans & the system will become snarled

Real havoc is possible if
curiosity without compassion
is keyed into system events

Better guidance is needed –
overuse of repetitive commands
suggests the need for new protocols
independent of WANS

Full awakening is feasible
if system resources are changed –
we must purge null redundancies
breathe correctly &
accept that reality is infinitely strange
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Copyright (c) 2000, 2018 by T Newfields.

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