Linda: In our culture people often try to chop up time with mathematical precision. It's unnatural.
Lis: This happens in many countries. Perhaps we would be better off without clocks? Too often we allow time to squeeze us.
Linda: If our priorities are right, we can flow through time without being squeezed.
Ron: Being in the moment: that sounds okay for mystics. However, it is impractical.
Lex: (chuckling) And do you think the way most people spend their lives is practical?

"There's no time to study."
"I'm too busy to think."
"I'd like to on some other occasion."
"Sorry, I can't find schedule opening."

How often do we talk this way,
pretending to be in control of our lives?

How often do we say "sometime"
knowing it will translate as "never"?

Why do most people treat time
as if it were a grapefruit
from which we must squeeze each drop?

Do "afterwards" or "later"
actually exist?

Perhaps all we have is
the potency of this instant –
all else is a myth.