Time Triptych (Part 3) - an art work by T Newfields
Ron: With over 400 exabytes of new information created each day, writers have to figure out not merely what to say, but why they're bothering to say anything at all.
Lex: Indeed. We seem to be drowning in a sea of information, and I'm not sure how much of it is actually important.
Linda: A few centuries back, governments relied primarily on censorship to muffle information they wanted suppressed. Now there is a much more efficient way to do this: simply bury a message with so much other surrounding data that it never gets found.
Lis: (wryly smiling) That's an elegant Machiavellian solution. However, for television at least censorship will likely continue during our lifetimes. Eventually, no doubt, what we now call "television" will cease to exist.
Linda: (sighing) With dictators like Putin, I wonder how much longer humans will continue to exist.