. . . After Thought . . .

Jack: So what do you think of this Newfields bloke?
Juanita: A mixed cup of tea. Some of his poems aren't half-bad, but others . . . . argh! (raising her hands in exasperation)
Jack: (nodding) I know how what you mean. There's something contradictory about his works. Some of these poems are simple fun with no particular agenda – but writers get into trouble by trying to become deep.
Shu: (blowing his nose) Hmm. He never really gets deep – just foolish. This happens any time writers get attached to a particular philosophy.
Ella: So you're ambivalent?
Juanita: Damn right! It prefer to think of Newfields as a graphic artist, not a writer.
Shu: (yawning indifferently) Whatever. (Looking towards Ella with a mischievous gaze) So, did this book mean anything to you?
Ella: (pausing coyly) Hmm. A few poems and artworks spoke to me, but most didn't.
Jack: The failures are also interesting: they help us realize just how far poetry and art can go.
Shu: Which is?
Jack: Pretty far!