Exiting the Theatre of Absurdity

Neo-Dramas (Part1) - an art work by T Newfields


At the drop of a dime
existence evaporates
& ignorance triumphs yet again.

Since most of us will perish in a twinkling
why not write a few sonnets
for what could have been?

We should remain faithful to Shakespeare
in the face of absurdity
& make sure our acts
are better than our poetry.

Jack: Don't you think enough poets have paid homage to Focault or Satre?
Shu: (snickering) You are playing the 'complain game'. I know how that game works, and it is empty. Whenever people become locked into a rigid game-set, they lose freshness, vitality, and life. How do you believe this game wil help you?
Jack: Shucks! Who said I need help? Besides, what kind of game are you playing?