The Quintessential Victorian Novel? - an art work & pseudo-converstion by T Newfields

Shu: So what do you consider to be the quintessential Victorian novel?
Juanita: I thought we just decided there is no such thing as 'a Victorian novel'.
Shu: Please consider it a convenient fiction rather than a hard fact.
Juanita: Is any meaningful discussion is possible? Well, for the sake of good sport I shall consent to this fantasy.
I suppose most people would answer something like Wuthering Heights or David Copperfield and
a few might refer to Bram Stoker's Dracula. Personally, though, I prefer Trollope's The Way We Live Now (1875).
Shu: Haven't you forgotten Eliott?
Juanita: Forgotten – no. I simply find her tedious.
Shu: No doubt others will say the same about us.