Seeds of Nonsense - a graphic image by T Newfields
Jack: Do you think poetry is ultimately nonsense?
Shu: That is probably what the mainstream media would like us to believe. In many societies today, "science" and technology are being highlighted and "soft" subjects such as literature, history, and art are being de-emphasized.
Ella: The expression "nonsense" itself is a beacon of a lazy mind. If you look closely enough, everything not only makes sense, but also tells a story. Each poetic text is a bit of frozen history. To me, it is just as fascinating as the motion of super-cooled liquids or the electrical conductivity of super-hot plasma.
Juanita: Hmm. Sitting down and reading a book of poetry seems like a quaint anarchorism.
Shu: The value of something should never be measured by its commercial success. Besides, this is not a book.