Prof. Wuzzy is a distinguished professor at ABC University. An expert on Anglo-Saxon grammar, she has written numerous articles about past participles and Scandinavian influences on modern English. Recently her class gave feedback on her lecture about Beowulf. Here are three student comments.

Reactions to Prof. Wuzzy's Class

Reactions to Prof. Wuzzy's Class - Part 1 by T Newfields

Student 1

At least half the students were listening
and some were even intent.

A few even became excited about English literature –
that is a significant event!

I wonder what the Prof. is up to . . .
Why this sudden commitment?

Is the Prof. expecting a faculty review?
Is there some reason she cares
about how well we actually do?
Juanita: This suggests that most teachers do not care how well students do.
Jack: How could they? If a teacher has several hundred students to take care of, they probably focus on general trends rather than specific individuals.
Shuu: I agree: statistical outliers are always problematic.
Ella: But so-call 'outliers' are also human beings - not just blips on a grade sheet.
Shu: On the micro-scale, that is certainly true. However, on the macro-scale we are all merely blips.