Reactions to Prof. Wuzzy's Class - Part 3 by T Newfields

Student 3

As long as teachers stay out of my way
I don't care what they do.

I'm a dedicated learner
and don't need teachers
to create extra hoops.

The best teachers
provide broad parameters
& step in only if there's a need.

Too many teachers
are like garbage trucks –
slow, inept, & clumsy.

Teachers exist
to fulfil an administrative mandate
but actually we would learn more
if they keep away.
Jack: I've had a few 'garbage truck' teachers.
Ella: Same here.
Shu: Hey – there's a bit of garbage in all of us.
Juanita: It's not just about teaching: Whenever we become overly mechanical and stop noticing what's really going on, we become 'garbage trucks'.
Jack: Good metaphor. I certainly carry lots of garbage around in my head.
Shu: (laughing) So how do you empty it?
Jack: Jack Daniels helps. Other times a good orgasm will do. However, most of the junk we carry around with us is never really eliminated, just buried. Most adults have tons ah shit in their heads.
Shu: That's why is good to observe young children: often they are cleaner. Too many adults are psychic garbage trucks with years ah crap floating through their heads. And sometimes you can almost smell their thoughts. (shaking his head) Generally, they stink!