Apocalypse - an art work by T Newfields

Frida: No discourse fits for Hiroshima. No explication seems to hold.
Ying: (sighing) Poetry is usually frustrating to me. I usually have no idea what most authors whimper about . . .
Frida: (speaking louder) No discourse is apt for Nagasaki. No explication can hold.
Dmiritri: (ignoring Frida) Who said this is poetry?
Frida: (emphatically and with impatience) Do I need to repeat myself?
Satoru: (ignoring Frida entirely) Yeah. I think of it as a kaleidoscope.
Frida: You're avoiding an unpleasant truth: the human race is at the edge of WWIII. The wheels of destruction are moving, and most people are doing nothing.