Lookin 4 an x-otic 2-yr. vacashoon
2 sum var off korner uv da vorld?
We've got 1 excitin deal!

U dan't need much educashion
er huv 2 worry beut klothin or meals.
all U need 2 do os ubey orders
+ be part uv our defense shield.

If video gumes seem trite
+ ordinary violence 2 borin
why nut go 4 action
whech vill give Ur kuntry
top companies
more profit & glory?

Don't B da last kid
2 miss da x-sitement!
Kontact Ur Peace Forces todie!
Yes – we'll pay ya ta kill uthers
Ah, whad da high!
The Fruits of War - an art work by T Newfields begun on Sep. 19, 2001 in Nagoya, Japan and finished on Nov. 3, 2001.