Step right up and taste one of our delicious
burgers made from 100% fresh Beef-a-Cong.
You'll enjoy its taste as bullets rip through
your flesh. Jes' one taste of our spicy burgers and
you'll never settle for less!

You have no idea what democracy tastes like until
you try our whoppers – chock full of enough steel ta tear
your innards apart.

Most people prefer their burgers with purple hearts
or plump, napalm tomatoes – broiled
over hot charcoal flames.

Our burgers also contain leafy jungle clusters
with lots of fresh ketchup – and enough garnish for
those who savor debate.

Sorry we can't cater to vegetarians, but
those who love the flavor of bull should come ta
Uncle Sam's Burger World – where fresh meat
is available at a bargain prices.
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Satoru: I wish Uncle Sam would get out of the burger business.
Satoru: Yeah. There's too much blood between the buns.
Ying: Are Iraq-burgers really any different from Nam-burgers?
Satoru: What do you think?
Ying: Nah.

Copyright (c) 1994, 2009 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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