Prolog to _Peace Poems / Piece Poems_ by T Newfields


Frida: Peace poetry and art? How foolish!
Satoru: It's harmless stupidity I suppose. Although Engels got some things wrong, wasn't he was right when saying, "An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory"?
Frida: Indeed. Where was the author when Bush invaded Iraq? What did he do to reduce Palestinian suffering? Did he care about things beyond his petty ivory tower? Unless ideas are translated into action, they're worthless.
Ying: Well action starts with ideas – change must start from somewhere.
Dmiritri: Isn't core intent important? Why's this book being written? What's behind it all? To me that matters.
Frida: We'll never know . . .
Dmitri: Here's what I suggest: suspend all skepticism a while and simply read.