Satoru: Research without ethics is a formula for exploitation. Some sort of ethical backbone is needed.
Frida: Hmm. Almost anything can appear "ethical" from some perspective.
Ying: All things human are easily tainted . . .
Dmiritri: To ask large masses of individuals to be ethical is like asking large groups of lemmings to control their population.


Two approaches have been used to study
the effects of microinjected proteins
on RAT1 tubules:

First, the pulsations of cardiac fistulas
and movements of posterior optic nerves were noted
as 500 milliliters of a 10% saline solution
heated to 2000°ree; was poured over their heads.

Second, changes in beta-amino acid levels
were recorded at .2 second intervals
as 60 MHz / 40 v. electroshocks
were applied to rat posteriors
by a Digit-Tac XR-300® system.

The data from both experiments suggests:
1) Rats became unconscious before dieing.
2) Some rats have two legs.

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