Frida: The harder people try to escape from unpleasant realities, the stronger they return to confront us.
Satoru: Indeed. We've got to learn how to face many unpleasant facts and inconvenient truths.
Dmiritri: Without belief in some higher reality, I don't see how that's possible.

Time Out
for Aldous Huxley

Tired of experiencing endless crap?
There are ways to feel better
and overcome handicaps.

For level-one citizens
we offer holographic packages
allowing them to "go" anywhere
and "do" anything.

At a mid-price range
chemical options such as EuphoriaTM are available -
offering fresh perspectives
of reality.

And level-three citizens
can enjoy fashionable neural implants
and stylish lobotomies.

Feeling dissatisfied?
Don't like the way things are?

Contact -
we help people smile
so they don't mind

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