Ying: No one really appreciates prophets of doom: they're wet blankets.
Frida: Often the problem is not the message itself, but its delivery. It is amazing how inept at communication so many people are.
Satoru: The fact that we communicate at all is a small miracle. Don't expect perfection when dealing with humans. Even a modicum of peaceful coexistence is an achievement.
Frida: Almost any what way you look at it, we're primitive.
Satoru: We're evolving. Perhaps in the distant future whatever beings exist on this planet will probably look at us with a mixture of condescending credulity and utter amazement.
Dmiritri: Doesn't God look at us that way all the time?
UFO Broadcast
As our civilization edges toward destruction
isn't more than a satire due?

Can art deter the fires of hatred 
and prevent future nuclear barbecues?

"Humanity's problem" Prof. Leonidov explained,
"is that we don't grasp 
the extent of our interdependence."

Ruffling crumpled papers 
while ignoring a stomach pain
he continued, "we must share resources more equitably
and keep human population growth at bay."

The audience wasn't listening:
most were confident 
they could graduate.

Why listen to pedagogues
hash over the obvious?

Aren't there more interesting 
web channels or RSS feeds?

The days of the crusaders are over.
In the future lone rangers won't succeed.

We must learn to work together
and grow spiritually.

Yeah, right.

By the way, which net site
has the best photos of Felicity Feng

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