Carlos: Sure glad I don't know this guy!
Brice: Same here.
Devani: (shrugging her shoulders) Who really wants to know another person deeply?
Anya: Yeah. Most people prefer superficial acquaintances to real knowing.
Devani: (laughing) Real knowing? What a wonderful fiction!
Awakening Furies - an art work by T Newfields

Awakening Furies

I'm a dark bull
charging towards those
who seek to evade

I'm a wild raven
pecking your cranium
& munching on your brains

I'm an annoying gnat
drinking your blood
then flying away

I'm every nightmare
you can imagine
& will haunt all
concerned about
short term loss err gain

Curse me now -
but thank me later
for teaching this one lesson:
in this world
we must learn to become