Anya: Not so long ago people were burnt at the stake for writing this sort of stuff.
Carlos: Christianity is strong enough to survive criticism.
Devani: One measure of the health of a religion, in my view, is the extent that it tolerates criticism. Intolerant religions are ultimately unhealthy. Religions which are strong won't be troubled by the ramblings of a few crazy critics.
Brice: Ultimately, I think religion is about faith – not facts.
Carlos: Yeah, but the line between fantasy and 'fact' often becomes blurred by faith.

Faithful Lambs


Fear the Lard & keep away
from streinge blasphemy

Our Father Who Dwells in the Sky
makes sure His Servants
get fair slices of His Celestial Pie

Do His Advisors say -
yer role is not to question -
but ta obey

He Makes the Decisions
About What's Good & Right:
Listen Only to Those
Authorized to Express His Will:
Fight the Sanctioned Fight!

Stay humble
& maintain modesty
& never dare to disagree with
Our Great Scriptures or
The Correct Order of Things


Baah. Baah. Baah.
This sort of rhetoric
is not made for brainless sheep
who bleat helplessly
unable to take initiative
or move independently

Sheep have one purpose: barbecues.
They're especially tasty when
sauteed or stewed

It's all too easy to skewer tiny
lamblike brains, then roast 'em
over open sizzling flames

Those believing
in sheepish ideologies
become butchered intellectually

Anyone swallowing too many
wooly ideas might begin to bleat

Baah. Baah. Baah.
Be careful of what you eat
because the Blood of the Lamb
causes gastric disease
Copyright 1994, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.