Carlos: (sluring morphemes) Issthissahhh-genderstaaatement?
Anya: (feigning ignorance) Jees – I dunno. Maybe averythang azza gendaa struggle in sum way.
Devani: (half in jest) Or perhaps merely the interaction between Shiva and Parvati? After all, our small existence is part of a larger divine play, right?
Brice: (shaking his head) What have you folks been drinking? Why can't you be serious?
Devani: (laughing slightly) Actually, the whole notion of being "serious" is curiously funny! Should an ant be serious about the insignificant mound it creates? Should a mayfly be serious about its nugatory dance? In the big picture, how much of our activity deserves to be called "serious"?

Gender Issues - an art work by T Newfields