Holy Hustlers

To make supposition appear as fact
& justify theft so nobles stay fat
To offer tribal groups claims to a sacred legacy
are "gifts" religion brings.

To provide comfy answers to questions that are deep
then obscure hard facts with myths sounding sweet
To make phallocentric views appear as right
& justify mass slaughter as necessary fights
are "blessings" that faiths bring.

There are so many "holy" hustlers
selling ideologies
Will you become intoxicated by their propaganda
or resist their persuasive pleas?

Too many charlatans use guile & ruse
to make others spiritually seduced

But as you examine their evidence
ask carefully
"how much is hustling?"


Copyright (c) 1995, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
Carlos: This sounds like a call to atheism.
Brice: No - I think it's healthy to look at every religious belief system with scrutiny. Too much nonsense takes place in the name of "faith".
Anya: Well if you're going to give your heart and soul to a given tradition, you better be sure you're making the right choice. Mature religions are not afraid of questioning.
Brice: Yes, but more often than not, open questioning is condemned. Deep down, I think religious belief is one of the main causes of brain ossification.
Devani: (sigh) It needn't be that way. . .