All of us are lunatics!
So what?
Where's dah lettuce 'n cheese?

Most people claim to be "normal"
I say they're mediocre.

Mediocre is a two-dollar McDonalds hamburger
instead of a fruity-alfalfa-tofutti.

Mediocre is an automobile parking attendant
wishing to become an architect designing space colonies.

Mediocre is a high school English teacher
who should be a Nobel laureate.

You think you's mediocre?
Most people will label you krazy –
society breeds mediocrity.

Real lunatics cook
with fresh home-grown vegan pastrami
refusing to accept bullsheeet
or genetically-engineered bologna.

Real kooks haf spicy cocks &
wonderfully well-flavored kunts
dat don't bekum stale buns
err lifeless, bland sausages.

The world iz already full ah mediocrity –
why worry 'bout a few lunatics?

Take yer pallid hamburgers
throw away all datz stale
& celebrate whun life cums!
Brice: (laughing) Hey wait! I'z nut a lunatick.
Carlos: Yeah – you is!
Brice: Nah. I know  I'm dun krazy. Lunaticks are farts who take themselves too seriously.
Carlos: (wryly) Are you serious about that?