Naturally Insane

The most talented people
******are naturally crazed.

They see twisted curves
******where others see straight shapes.

They hear the music of revolving spheres
******while most detect only noise.

They taste the vintage of exhilaration
******while most ken ordinary grapes.

They imagine continents crumbling
******as sand passes through their hands.

The majority of people are boring
******& often brain-dead.

As a representative of mediocrity
******I understand this:

What value is breathing
******when you have an empty head?

Devani: The basic premise of this poem is wrong: I know a lot of talented people with no evidence of dysfunction.
Brice: . . . and I know some dysfunctional people who aren't so talented.
Carlos: Well, it's good to reflect on the notiona of sanity, normality, and talent.
Anya: I am afraid most so-called 'normal' people are dysfunctional in some ways, yet functional in others.


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