shure thi laight - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

take your candle and raise it high
lift it up and discover
a world of light

fear not the flame, nor the heat
as the energy pulses through you
i dance at your feet

each of us are candles
meant to glow inside
let higher energies pulse through us -
let our hearts brightly shine!

touch the light -
as the world of darkness passes away
share your radiance
and embrace the flame
Anya: Gimme a break! This poem is a joke!
Devani: No – it's worse than that. It is a scabrous display of spiritual pornography.
Brice: Hey relax – the author is just an ordinary fool: one of seven billion other farts trying to make sense of a world he doesn't really understand.
Anya: (fomenting quietly) Candles indeed . . . hmm!