Ta dupe dah masses
ta reduce social clashes

Ta babble frum dare bibles
'n use it az ammunition fer libel

Ta feed off misery
while promisin' eternity

argh dah vicarious – 'n vicious –
privileges Christ's vicars claim

Dare Holy Robes
haf kaused much anguish
'n brought many cities ta flame
ahh, how sweet iz
dah taste ah

Wrong though mony vicars may-B
they give comfort ta sum 'n
promise sekurity

Why now allow people
ta skew dare brains
since myths offer solace 'n
relief frum pain?

Would it nut B wiser
to examine yare life
& discover
yare own myths?

If you haf the courage ta see
ya'll find plenty ah things
you claim ta believe
but are nut
Carlos: (cringing) How can this junk be useful to anyone?
Brice: (non-chalantly) I dunno. Does it matter?
Anya: Yeah. At times I envy the certainity ah those who 'believe'.
Brice: When that happens, a sort of intellectual death occurs.
Devani: Hey, your intellect is going to die anyway – stop pretending its almighty!

Copyright (c) 1995, 2016 by T Newfields.   {{CC-BY-4.0}}