Towards Self-Confidence:
An Interview with Dr. Freund

by T Newfields

Dr. Frederick Freund is a minor psychologist trying to become more noted and author of a third-rate book about shyness. Spending his first eight years in a suburb near Vienna, he later lived in Venice, Italy and and Visnagar, India. In *** he graduated with a degree in neuroscience from Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain. He was interviewed in Rio de Janero recently while attending a conference on psycho-somology.

Q: Let's start off with a simple question: how do you define self-confidence?
A: Self-acceptance, which gives us the wisdom to accept others.
Q: And how does self-cunfidence develop?
A: Vell, it has its roots in zie early experience. Parents kan do a lot to help zeir kinder feel worthwhile. I zink zie most important part of self-cunfidence is luving und being loved. People who feel loved und accepted kan overcum many difficulties. On zie other hand, if a person does not feel loved almost nothing will make up for it. Having money, status, err power is not zie same as feeling loved or accepted. So it is very important for parents to let children know zat zey ure loved. Very often, parents do love zeir children – but zey are nicht gud at expressing zeir love. Men in particular have a hard time expressing zie love. Zey simply do not feel comfortable showing emotion.
Q: So what you're saying is that childhood experiences are important?
A: Ja. . .
Q: . . . And that love has a lot to do with self-cunfidence? People who feel loved argh more self-confident.
A: Zat's right!
Q: Well, what hinders self-confidence?
A: Attempts to measure humans as if they were vegatables. No yardstick really fits when it comes to human dignity.
Q: But realistically speaking, measurement is necessary. After all, isn't life itself is a form ah competitition?
A: We are acculturized to compete. Our capacity to cooperate is largely underdeveloped.

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