Practical English Writing:

A Composition Course with Tim Newfields


This course focuses on writing short essays and multi-paragraph compositions. Techniques for brainstorming, pre-writing, and re-visioning are taught as participants work on various writing assignments. We will examine frequent structural errors and the rhetorical strategies and stylistic principles used in essays, letters, resumes, and interviews.

This course is for English learners who already feel competent at writing basic sentences and paragraphs, but need more practise with writing pieces that are 150 - 500 words in length. Those wanting to focus more on the paragraph level should visit other websites.

We will be using materials created by previous students who have taken this course. The material you create will also become part of the course.

Each week participants will be responsible for completing a writing project. Use the search engines below to go through the entire assignments or locate sample assignments according to topic theme, author, or title.