Explosive Recipe

Add dah voice of a singer
to dah smile of a movie star
Insert dah wisdom of a scholar
in dah heart of a jaguar

Mix sum rhetoric
with a faint amount ah fact
Make friends 'n remember enemies
while observin each act

Show inklings ah integrity
butt kompromise when it helps yer fate

Like dah Mango Mussolini
swiftly double-deal
ta achieve key aims

Do this
und wätch power
cum ta yer plate.

Move to the edge ah catastrophe:
be a vehicle of fate!

Terri: This is a formula for disaster. Can anything good come of this?
Sam: Well, it's a formula for power. And power is essentially neutral – it can be used in many ways.
Kris: The geometry is wrong. There's no ethical symmetry to this. All ethical relationships have a sort of symmetry to them and are sustainable. In unethical relations such as this, 'self' and 'other' are out of balance.
Terri: (raising her eyebrows) And what do you know about balance?