Thought Crimes - an art work by T Newfields

Thought Crimes

Citizen #526-37-5989 –
you are to be terminated
for thinking improper thoughts

We have probed your mind
& come to find
you don't believe in the System

You're guilty of spreading false ideas
about our Glorious Way
& you have used unauthorized channels
to spread dismay

The penalty for disobedience is simple:
termination starts immediately

Let your case
serve as a warning to others
undermining our precious freedoms
& Great Democracy
Terri: If a single ideology becomes a State, this could happen. With Trump, I see the signs of this quite clearly.
Ted: It's chilling to contemplate. Any ideology that becomes absolute also becomes absolutely evil.
Chris: We need a diversity of thought and opinion. Each way of viewing the world has some validity. However, each view must be kept in check by others.
Tim: Just as biological systems need eco-diversity, perhaps thought systems need what we might call "ideological diversity."
Sam: Shucks. (shaking his head, then laughing) Hey, you don't understand basic male psychology. Doesn't each guy secretly want to be a dictator?